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I’m Bart Baggett. You may a have seen me using one of 1600 media interviews in the last decade including Today Show, CNN’s Paula Zahn and Larry King Live, as well as I love New York on VH1. I’m able to coach you on the step-by-step method that made me so successfuly, highly paid, and a celebrity in many circles. In fact, my handwriting analysis technique is soooo accurate, Larry King sends me referral clients.

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I can educate you on this handwriting analysis method… which isn’t published in a books you will find in the bookstore. We have four Degrees of programs to select from, depending on how serious looking mastering this science of graphology (handwriting analysis), or forensic document examination . Naturally, you could pick up an individual book or cards individually, but many students jump into the course in the following sequence… level 101,201,301, and 401, 501.

handwriting analysis samples

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